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No Inspiration

Sorry that I have not posted any photos that I have took myself here recently. Ever since before Christmas I have not really had any inspiration or drive to get out and do any photography. The Holidays were enough stress by itself, but I have come to find living where we are, well for lack of a better word is, depressing. Being that I suffer from depression myself, living here and trying to do what I can to protect my family and see that my kids had a good Christmas really took its toll on me. The area we live is has progressively gotten worse since we moved in in May of 2010. The violence has gotten worse and there are times I fear for my life just going outside to walk the dogs. Everyday I find it tough to start a project let alone finish one.

My hobbies have taken a back seat to everything. I have not picked up my camera and captured a photograph. I started drawing last year. One drawing was done and it was do big thing as I am a very new novice at drawing. I recieved a very nice art set for Christmas and I have yet to use it. And my long time favorite hobby, model railroading, has not even gotten past a piece of paper. I talk to different people who are into each one of my hobbies and I start up conversations and I do try to learn what I can. However I find it difficult to get past my depression and find the drive and motivation to do anything. I mean, I do things around the house, well what I can with reguards to my disability, but thats about it. I go out daily to walk the dogs within our apartment complex, and I have gone out and about a couple of times within the past couple of weeks, which does me some good. But its like what I get back inside, the darkness falls over me again and I loose what happiness and drive I did have.

I have come to find that the City of San Bernardino and the state of California is depressing. No one will ever be able to get me to change my mind. We are curretly looking for a place in Arizona where its slightly better when it comes to a few things, but at least its not here. Maybe after we move I will have more drive to do things. But until then I guess I am going to fight my way to find any motivation.


Life Is Simpler


How Can We Let This Happen



It sickens me to read daily about how many wolves are being slaughtered, and for what? Nothing. Its ranchers such as those in Washington state that claim wolves are to blame for their cattle being killed. Well here’s the thing. These ranchers, and not just in Washington state. Theey let their cattle free roam and allowed to graze in fields that are not fenced in. And the wolves are just doing what they have been doing for hundreds of years, hell what any animal does, look for food. In this case, I blame man for allowing the eniter Wedge Pack of wolves in Washington state to be slaughtered and using tax payer money to use a helicopter and a sniper to find and shoot the Alpha male of the pack. In the weeks to follow his entire pack was wiped out.


Whats the point of petitions when the government turns their back on wildlife conservation, when they are the ones in charge of protecting wildlife. We se sign the petitions to stop the hunts, but the feds turn control over to the states and before we have a chance to start another petition for the states to stop the wolf hunting, its to late. As of today 142 wolves slaughtered in 4 states. Here is the break down.


Idaho – 65

Montana – 24

Wyoming – 31

Wisconsin – 22


And these numbers only reflect the wolves killed “legally” by way of hunters having a “permit” to kill them. What a crock or crap. Something must be done to stop the slaughter of these creatures who not are a joy to observe, listen to and photographed, but they are a important part of the ecosystem.


Do your part today, contact your state reps. Email them, cll them, send certified letters letting them know that you want the needless killing of these creatures to stop and to also contact your Congressmen/women to have these creatures put back on the endangered species list. We must act now for our future generations to see and enjoy these wonders of nature.



So It Begins!!

Just found out tonight (Oct. 1) that I will be starting college (online) next Tuesday. 3 weeks of orientation then classes begin after. I am going into this with a open mind and looking forward to the challenges that await me. I am looking forward to coming out of this with the knowledge for a new career field. I am super excited and will keep everyone posted as to my progress through out this 4 year journey.


Well I am hoping this weekend I can get started on at least one of the projects that I want to do. Since we live in a apartment and can not have a true garden, I am wanting to start a vertical garden. Basically its a old wood pallet that is used to make this type of garden. You just need to get some gardening fabric and staple it around the bottom and sides. You leave the top open. Get your potting soil and pour it in between the wood slats, add your plants and pack the soil around the plants as you normally would and to make sure the dirt does not fall out, leave flat on the ground for a couple of weeks for the roots to start taking hold. Make sure you water, a lot. After a couple of weeks, gently lift the open end of the pallet and place it against a wall or other sturdy upright object. Then there ya go, your own vertical garden.

So I am looking forward to getting started on it and I will be sure to post photos and updates so check back.

The other project that I would like to get started on is a scrapbook, yes you heard me a scrapbook. Hey who said guys canKt have or make their own scrapbook…lol. So if anyone has any ideas, I’d like to hear them. I am thinking about making pages for my kids (a given), pages showing what I like, hobbies, interests etc, etc. Of course one for my wife and possibly showing how I see the world and life in gereral. So get out those thinking caps and shoot me some ideas.