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The Real Issue

With all this talk about gun bans after the tragic event in Newtown, CT on Friday December 14 2012, one must wonder why everyone blames the gun. No one wants to look at the person behind the trigger and what state of mind he or she is in. A firearm can not simply get up, load itself, and decide who it wants to harm on any given day. It takes a living, breathing person with some sort of mental illness or has it in their mind that they want to harm one or many. People should take a look at events in the past as well as what has happened in the days of the shooting in CT.

In this video, 3 students in upstate South Carolina were suspended over a “kill list”. And thing that bothers me is that if these three students have the mental capacity to write out a kill list and get away with it and administrators and investigators say there is no “substance” or “threat”, then who’s to say that the next time these individuals acyually carry out their plan? I don’t know about you but to me this is a big red flag and should not be taken lightly. Especially after the shooting in CT.

In this article, there was a 24 year old Pomona, California man who made threats about carrying out a copycat shooting such as that of the that happened in CT. Investigators had arrested him, charged him, found and took 9 weapons at his parents house where he was arrested, but no weapons found at his place, and set his bail at $500,000. However on a few days later, the county District Attorney as well as federal investigators dropped all charges because “no specific person or school” was threatened. Again, a person who has the mind set to even make non specific threats and have access to firearms even though he had none, same as in CT, and investigators do nothing.


Now in this case, we have a student who turned to social media to make his threats. And by the way a family member of one of the victims from Newtown, CT alerted officals to this students threats. Now this teen was arrested, however, they are not sure if they are going to press charges.


Now these are just 3 of the many many case of threats of copycat of the shooting in CT, but no one seems to take any of them seriously or no charges or mental evaluations are ordered. It is in my opinion that people like these make law abiding and mentally sane gun owners/carriers the target of the government and their gun control laws and bans. However I also believe that it is all political and the government has a different agenda than what we as American citizens know. But that is another story.

People need to wake up to the fact that the crimes commited by these people are not caused by the weapons, it their mental capacity in which they think. The type of people who carry out or threaten these types of crimes, show signs of something wrong. They may be obvious or they may be not so obvious, but the signs or red flags are there. Family members need to constantly talk with their loved ones or even close friends. Their may never be a 100% answer on how to stop these crimes, but to enact tougher gun laws or outright gun bans is not the answer. With that said, take a look at the crime rates of citys and towns that have gun bans, Chicago, Washington D.C. their crime rate of violent crimes is through the roof because the criminals know that not everyone is going to have a means to protect themselves.

We all need to do out part and protect the 2nd amendment as our right to bear arms. Contact your Congressperson, Senator and President and tell them that banning “assault” style weapons use for sport shooting, and high capacity magazines is not the answer to the problem.

This in from Timber Wolf Alliance on Facebook. The senceless acts of murder on these wonderful creatures must stop.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 101 S Webster, PO Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707 Phone: 888-936-7463 TDD: 711 …

dnr.wi.gov – www.wisconsin.gov
Archived under: [dnr.wi.gov/news] Hunting and Trapping of Wolves Closed in Wolf Zones 2 and 4, Effective Friday, Nov. 16, at the end of hunting and trapping hours   Bill Cosh, (608) 267-2773 Tom Hauge, (608) 266-2193
MADISON – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has closed Wolf Harvest Zones 2 and 4 to hunting and trapping of gray wolves effective Nov. 16, 2012. The two zones close Friday at the end of hunting hours for hunting and at the close of trapping hours for trappers, which is 8 p.m. Wolf Harvest Zones 2 and 4 are the first zones to be closed this season. The harvest of wolves currently remains open in all other zones. The department will continue to closely monitor the harvest in the remaining zones and does expect an increase in the rate of harvest during this weekend’s gun deer season. Wolf hunters and trappers should check for additional zone closures throughout the weekend. “The harvest trend in Zone 2 has been steady while harvest in Zone 4, which is one wolf from quota, has been sporadic.  We’ve watched trends and feel our best decision to make sure we don’t exceed quotas is to start the closure process today just prior to reaching quota, anticipating increased harvest rates with the opening of the nine-day deer hunt this weekend,” said Kurt Thiede, DNR Lands Division Administrator. “This is Wisconsin’s inaugural season. We are learning much about hunter and trapper success rates that will help us draft permanent rules that continue to move the wolf population down toward levels in line with biological and social carrying capacity .”   “We will be considering harvest trends as we approach quotas in other zones as well. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the wolf population by 116 animals, distributed across the landscape,” said Thiede. The state wolf harvest quota for Zone 2 was set at 20 wolves and the closure process was initiated when 18 wolves were reported as harvested. The state wolf harvest quota for Zone 4 was set at 5 wolves and the closure process was initiated when 4 wolves were reported as harvested. Wolf hunters and trappers are advised that they can continue to pursue wolves in zones 1, 3, 5 and 6, but are urged to watch zones 1 and 5. When additional zones are closed, the Wisconsin DNR will announce such closures by news releases, notification at dnr.wi.gov, and on the wolf call-in number, 1-855-299-9653. It is the hunter’s and trapper’s responsibility to check for and know about zone closures. DNR encourages hunters and trappers to check the website or the call-in number daily.

The Killing Must Be Stopped.

This sick and disturning photo came from WWA Animal Awareness facebook page. The sick person shown here boasts about the illegal trapping and killing of a wolf in Wisconsin. He’s a poacher and people like him must be stopped. We must take action against poachers as well as continue the fight to protect these wonderful creatures. This will be reported to the Wisconsin Department of Fish and Wildlife or the local DNR office. We must stop the simceless killing of wolves.


Corey Anderson of Wisconsin boasts that he caught a wolf in one of his leg hold traps....."too bad I never bought a tag"........lots of boasting on wolf killing pages tonight about poaching....

Corey Anderson of Wisconsin boasts that he caught a wolf in one of his leg hold traps…..”too bad I never bought a tag”……..lots of boasting on wolf killing pages tonight about poaching….

How Can We Let This Happen



It sickens me to read daily about how many wolves are being slaughtered, and for what? Nothing. Its ranchers such as those in Washington state that claim wolves are to blame for their cattle being killed. Well here’s the thing. These ranchers, and not just in Washington state. Theey let their cattle free roam and allowed to graze in fields that are not fenced in. And the wolves are just doing what they have been doing for hundreds of years, hell what any animal does, look for food. In this case, I blame man for allowing the eniter Wedge Pack of wolves in Washington state to be slaughtered and using tax payer money to use a helicopter and a sniper to find and shoot the Alpha male of the pack. In the weeks to follow his entire pack was wiped out.


Whats the point of petitions when the government turns their back on wildlife conservation, when they are the ones in charge of protecting wildlife. We se sign the petitions to stop the hunts, but the feds turn control over to the states and before we have a chance to start another petition for the states to stop the wolf hunting, its to late. As of today 142 wolves slaughtered in 4 states. Here is the break down.


Idaho – 65

Montana – 24

Wyoming – 31

Wisconsin – 22


And these numbers only reflect the wolves killed “legally” by way of hunters having a “permit” to kill them. What a crock or crap. Something must be done to stop the slaughter of these creatures who not are a joy to observe, listen to and photographed, but they are a important part of the ecosystem.


Do your part today, contact your state reps. Email them, cll them, send certified letters letting them know that you want the needless killing of these creatures to stop and to also contact your Congressmen/women to have these creatures put back on the endangered species list. We must act now for our future generations to see and enjoy these wonders of nature.



Help the Michigan Wolves

This from Wolfwatcher on facebook. Please read, then sign the petition’s to stop wolf hunting in Michigan. Our government is out of control abd these creatures must be protected and put back on the endangered species list. Please do you part to help protect Michigan’s wolves.

“Just as expected, Michigan’s Senate introduced Senate Bill 1350 which authorizes the Natural Resources Commission to establish the hunting season for the gray wolf. The bill deems hunting as necessary to prevent wolves from threatening livestock. It is important to note that this bill has the same original content as HB 5834 (its companion bill in the House) which takes it one step further in the legislative process.

To read its details, visit – http://legislature.mi.gov/%28S%282as5rumq2 da3at45xudro445%29%29/mileg.aspx? page=getObject&objectName=2012-SB-1 350

Thus, we urge you to please considering signing/sharing our petition to the Michigan Legislature which expresses strong opposition to BOTH bills currently pending in Michigan’s House and Senate: http://www.change.org/petitions/urge-michigan-s-legislature-to-reject-hr-5834-and-sb1350