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Well I am hoping this weekend I can get started on at least one of the projects that I want to do. Since we live in a apartment and can not have a true garden, I am wanting to start a vertical garden. Basically its a old wood pallet that is used to make this type of garden. You just need to get some gardening fabric and staple it around the bottom and sides. You leave the top open. Get your potting soil and pour it in between the wood slats, add your plants and pack the soil around the plants as you normally would and to make sure the dirt does not fall out, leave flat on the ground for a couple of weeks for the roots to start taking hold. Make sure you water, a lot. After a couple of weeks, gently lift the open end of the pallet and place it against a wall or other sturdy upright object. Then there ya go, your own vertical garden.

So I am looking forward to getting started on it and I will be sure to post photos and updates so check back.

The other project that I would like to get started on is a scrapbook, yes you heard me a scrapbook. Hey who said guys canKt have or make their own scrapbook…lol. So if anyone has any ideas, I’d like to hear them. I am thinking about making pages for my kids (a given), pages showing what I like, hobbies, interests etc, etc. Of course one for my wife and possibly showing how I see the world and life in gereral. So get out those thinking caps and shoot me some ideas.

Check these out

If any of you are into melted chocolate and dipping fruit into it, you might want to check out this website. Highly recommend ordering the warmer and the imported Belgium chocolate. Now if any of you are into things that makes your house smell good, you might want to check out this site. A whole line a scents for women and men. Along with different types of warmers to fit any personality. Also have plugins, room sprays and body washes. Feel free to pass along these sites to anyone who you feel you might like to check them out. Also remember Fathers Day is coming up and there is always something for that special father in your life.

We don’t have anything planned for the weekend. The weather is great, as it’s not to hot and besides getting out to walk the dog, we are not going anywhere. It was 6 years ago this weekend that we lost a baby due to a miscarriage. It was my first biological baby and it hit me hard as not two years prior my father passed away. So ever since we rarely do anything for the Memorial Day weekend. But maybe we might cook something here at home and maybe next year we can at least go to a park and grill and let the kids enjoy the day.

As always we will remember those who served or are currently serving and the sacrifices they make so we can have our freedom and liberty.

Happy Memorial Day!!

We Thank You


For everyone who has served or is currently serving, we thank you for you service to this great country of ours. May we never forget what you have sacrificed to protect our freedom and liberty. Happy Memorial Day!!!

Well as this Friday comes to a close, it has been a wonderful day. Everytime I go out and feel the fresh, cool air and the wind on my face, I feel refreshed. For southern California to be so hot, today was a welcomed change. It was a beautiful and delightful day and hope to have many more like it. I wish you all a goodnight.


It never ceases to amaze me the cloud formations that can be seen anywhere. Here we have a beautiful, cloudy sunset in our lil part of southern California. Enjoy.

A lil bit about us

To start things off here’s a lil bit about us. First off my name is Charles though I go by CJ and my wife’s name is Lillian. We met on a internet dating site when I was living in Georgia in January of 2006 and were married in August of 2007. I am originally from Alexandria, Virginia and Lillian is from Greenville, South Carolina.

We are a family of 7. We have 5 beautiful kids with the oldest being 13 and the youngest being 3. We lived in South Carolina but that changed in October of 2012 when we moved to souther California. We have been here going on two years. Currently we are looking to get out as we have found California is just not for us. It has some beautiful scenery and great history but its not for us.

Some of my interests include photography, walking, reading, camping, model railroada, train watching, gardening (new to gardening) and scrapbooking. My wife also enjoys scrapbooking, walking, reading and also has an interest in gardening as well. We try to do crafts with the kids when we can and if we have ideas and we are always looking for new ideas for craft projects for us and to do with the kids.

So this is just a lil bit about us and look forward to making new friends, getting new ideas as well as just have fun blogging.

Welcome to our new blog. Forgive us its still a work in progress. However we will talk about the ins and outs and things that go on in our little piece of the world. Also will talk about family, hobbies, events and current events. Feel free to leave a comment and please, keep it clean as this will be a family blog.