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New beginning (hopefully)

Well I took the plunge and applied to University of Phoenix yesterday as well as financial aid. So I sit and wait for a few days to see if I qualify for any aid.

I am going after my BS in Communication~Journalism. I figure since I like to write anyways, why not get a degree and put it to good use such as writing for a magazine or newspaper or something along those lines. So I will post when I know more.

Till next time,



Oh how I yearn to see the Autum colors in the mountains of the Virginias, the Carolinas and Tennessee.
  How I wish I could feel the crisp cool mountain air on my face as the beauty of Mother Nature and the Lord Almighty created surrounds me.
I am wrecked with emotions as I reach out to feel the air of Fall and to see the glorious beauty of this time of year, and nothing is there
I am filled with envy of those who can see and feel this time of year, and can retreat inside and sit by the fireplace and feel the warmth
To be able to have a slice of warm apple pie and a tall mug of apple cider to sip as stories are told by young and old alike
May one day I will too enjoy the happiness that felt and shared by everyone during Autumn.
May I too be able to sit in my rocking chair with my wife by myside, rocking our remaining days away enjoying Gods gift of beauty.
May God bless everyone with peace and tranquility on this mid September evening.

By: Charles H. Vandergriff IV

Fireman Prayer




Just a quick post to update everyone whats been going on. The wife and. I were stressed out and mad at each other and it was really putting a strain on our marrige. Well she came to me about 4 or 5 nights ago, said she didn’t want me to leave and that we could work on things here at home insteade os a distance relationship. Needless to say we have been talking a lot more, I am working my problems just as she works on her’s.

So this was the best news since the birth’s of our twp younger ones…lol

P.S. It took something like this gor my to fint faith and pray to the Lord Almighty. I am here to tell you miricles do happen for those who are in times of need and that you want to just say “screw it”. Don’t if there is still love there, fix the problem. Don’t go find something new. Stick through it, keep your faith of find your faith as I have, talk to each other. That is the most important thing is to keep a level head, stay calm and keep that line of commnications. And lastly pray. Pray every time you can.

Best to all, and till the next time,

Charles V.