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The Real Issue

With all this talk about gun bans after the tragic event in Newtown, CT on Friday December 14 2012, one must wonder why everyone blames the gun. No one wants to look at the person behind the trigger and what state of mind he or she is in. A firearm can not simply get up, load itself, and decide who it wants to harm on any given day. It takes a living, breathing person with some sort of mental illness or has it in their mind that they want to harm one or many. People should take a look at events in the past as well as what has happened in the days of the shooting in CT.

In this video, 3 students in upstate South Carolina were suspended over a “kill list”. And thing that bothers me is that if these three students have the mental capacity to write out a kill list and get away with it and administrators and investigators say there is no “substance” or “threat”, then who’s to say that the next time these individuals acyually carry out their plan? I don’t know about you but to me this is a big red flag and should not be taken lightly. Especially after the shooting in CT.

In this article, there was a 24 year old Pomona, California man who made threats about carrying out a copycat shooting such as that of the that happened in CT. Investigators had arrested him, charged him, found and took 9 weapons at his parents house where he was arrested, but no weapons found at his place, and set his bail at $500,000. However on a few days later, the county District Attorney as well as federal investigators dropped all charges because “no specific person or school” was threatened. Again, a person who has the mind set to even make non specific threats and have access to firearms even though he had none, same as in CT, and investigators do nothing.


Now in this case, we have a student who turned to social media to make his threats. And by the way a family member of one of the victims from Newtown, CT alerted officals to this students threats. Now this teen was arrested, however, they are not sure if they are going to press charges.


Now these are just 3 of the many many case of threats of copycat of the shooting in CT, but no one seems to take any of them seriously or no charges or mental evaluations are ordered. It is in my opinion that people like these make law abiding and mentally sane gun owners/carriers the target of the government and their gun control laws and bans. However I also believe that it is all political and the government has a different agenda than what we as American citizens know. But that is another story.

People need to wake up to the fact that the crimes commited by these people are not caused by the weapons, it their mental capacity in which they think. The type of people who carry out or threaten these types of crimes, show signs of something wrong. They may be obvious or they may be not so obvious, but the signs or red flags are there. Family members need to constantly talk with their loved ones or even close friends. Their may never be a 100% answer on how to stop these crimes, but to enact tougher gun laws or outright gun bans is not the answer. With that said, take a look at the crime rates of citys and towns that have gun bans, Chicago, Washington D.C. their crime rate of violent crimes is through the roof because the criminals know that not everyone is going to have a means to protect themselves.

We all need to do out part and protect the 2nd amendment as our right to bear arms. Contact your Congressperson, Senator and President and tell them that banning “assault” style weapons use for sport shooting, and high capacity magazines is not the answer to the problem.