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The Mis Understood



Heavens Gate

I read this poem on “Howling For Wolves With Native Drums” Facebook page. I found it moving and emotional. I had to share with all of you.

~~Heaven’s Gate~~ ~

Today I saw their bodies, the hunters so proudly show.. ~The wolf pup’s and their mother.. …off, to Heaven’s Gate they go.. ~

The Lord stands there as sentry.. as a tear slides from His eye.. ~He created them for a purpose, and not this way to die.. ~

As they round the Gate’s of Heaven, the Lord gathers them in His arms.. ~He vows to those left earthbound to try and keep them out of harm..

~We each have a voice within us.. and He wants those voices heard..   Let’s shout a warning to them, and make sure they hear each word  ♥


Poem was written by Melody.



It sickens me to read daily about how many wolves are being slaughtered, and for what? Nothing. Its ranchers such as those in Washington state that claim wolves are to blame for their cattle being killed. Well here’s the thing. These ranchers, and not just in Washington state. Theey let their cattle free roam and allowed to graze in fields that are not fenced in. And the wolves are just doing what they have been doing for hundreds of years, hell what any animal does, look for food. In this case, I blame man for allowing the eniter Wedge Pack of wolves in Washington state to be slaughtered and using tax payer money to use a helicopter and a sniper to find and shoot the Alpha male of the pack. In the weeks to follow his entire pack was wiped out.


Whats the point of petitions when the government turns their back on wildlife conservation, when they are the ones in charge of protecting wildlife. We se sign the petitions to stop the hunts, but the feds turn control over to the states and before we have a chance to start another petition for the states to stop the wolf hunting, its to late. As of today 142 wolves slaughtered in 4 states. Here is the break down.


Idaho – 65

Montana – 24

Wyoming – 31

Wisconsin – 22


And these numbers only reflect the wolves killed “legally” by way of hunters having a “permit” to kill them. What a crock or crap. Something must be done to stop the slaughter of these creatures who not are a joy to observe, listen to and photographed, but they are a important part of the ecosystem.


Do your part today, contact your state reps. Email them, cll them, send certified letters letting them know that you want the needless killing of these creatures to stop and to also contact your Congressmen/women to have these creatures put back on the endangered species list. We must act now for our future generations to see and enjoy these wonders of nature.