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I found this on a group I follow on Facebook “Homestead & Preppers”. It is a great bunch of people who are like minded and hate conspiracy thereorists. Feel free to share and add any thing else in the comment section below.

Water PURIFIER…some mistake a filter for a purifier. There are many great ones on the market depending on your needs. I googled purifiers that are used on mission trips in 3rd world countries…that’s how I chose mine. I wanted a purifier that made the most polluted water into clean drinking water. I also wanted one that purified water for entire villages…that led me to the more reliable ones.

Food: here is my list…though again, you will want to customize to fit your family’s needs. Oatmeal, granola bars, protein bars, noodles, rice, dried beans, honey, powdered milk, sunflower seeds, raisins, dried fruit, the big bags or ready soups (makes a lot), peanut butter, broth cubes, instant mashed potatoes, syrups, nuts, candy (comfort for kiddos). Also, I wanted your feedback on this http://paleofood.com/recipes/p emmican-rayspemmican.htm shelf life forever? I don’t know anything about this so let me know.

Water: I stored some water to tie us over until we get the purifier up and going

Fire: you will need to cook, boil water, stay warm, etc. My husband got a nice survival knife as a gift…the butt of the knife comes off and it’s a fire starter. Tender, waterproof matches (or regular matches just dip the tips in melted candle wax and store in air tight container). Also, this tip is FREE…dryer lint. We keep all dryer lint and store in ziplock bags…it’s highly flammable and can start a fire easily when you’re dealing with moisture on the ground. Learn natural ways to start fires as well.

Salt : lots of it. There are many uses for salt. Cleaning, preserving meat for long periods of time without a fridge, medical. Here’s a link to familiarize yourself with the uses http://howtuz.tripod.com/salt.html

Baking Soda: you’re gonna laugh but I bought the entire shelf one day lol They are typically around 50-65 cents… there was a buy one get one free that day so I have A LOT. Here are the uses of baking soda…and there are MANY : http://www.doomandbloom.net/20 12/06/3599.html

Meds : this can be as extensive as you want to make it. Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Dental Floss, Razors, Baby Wipes, Toilet paper (or newspaper, hey, it’s free), Insect Spray, Sunblock, Lotion/Lip Balm, Manicure Set (Nail Clippers, Nail Brush, File), Band-Aids, dressings, scissors, gloves, snake bite kit, rubbing alcohol, brandy (for bartering and medical uses), vitamin c, hydrogen peroxide, wound care, tweezers, quick clot sponge, dental care, aspirin, MEDICAL BOOK, gauze, butterfly closures, tape, medical tape, antibacterial hand cleaner, iodine swabs, triple antibiotic ointment, hemostat, surgical scissors, suture lip sissors (stitching someone up),….like I said, it can be as basic or as extensive as you need.

Seeds : HEIRLOOM seeds. Heirloom seeds are non-GMO seeds…also IMPORTANT. What happens if you stock up on seeds and you run out? Heirloom seeds provide you with a constant flow of food. You plant, enjoy your harvest, remove seeds from the veggie, dry, store and plant again. Heirloom seeds are a must. They have veggies, fruits, medical, herbs, etc…stock up.

Weapons: Guns, ammo, bows and crossbows, arrows, arrowheads, (and learn how to make them), knives, machete, etc. I included animal traps, fishing gear to this topic as well.

Clothes: like I said this will vary. But remember if you have kids, they will grow. I went to goodwill and got outfits in every size my kids are in from now-until. I also picked up (cheap) extra clothes for boys… I didn’t want to be without should there be a family who wanders up in need.

Tools: Goodness, this can be like medical…as long or as short as you need. But remember, think of never being able to run to your local hardware store…so don’t forget a good stockpile of nails, screws, DUCK TAPE, fishing line, snare wire, ziplocks, rope, paracord, etc.

Dwelling: If you’re planning on bugging out, what type of shelter will you need? Some will be fine grabbing a sleeping bag and roughin’ it on the ground underneath a tree… there are tents, campers, tarp-tents, etc…it depends on your plan and your family’s needs. If you grab a tent (you can find them cheaper on craigs list, garage sales but don’t purchase unless you see it put up.) be sure to grab any repair kits (that repair zippers, seams, holes) to repair accidents along the way. Duck tape stays inside my tent bag.

Cooking: I love cast iron…it’s heavy but it’ll get you through the long haul. You’ll run out of propane fast…learn how to build a solar oven, it’s cheap to do. Here’s a link : http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Hnynux2eGbY Cooking over direct camp fire is of course tried and true…however, in some situations, you don’t want your ax echoing to the ends of the earth, giving away your location. In those situations, here’s a link to a great channel on youtube…I’ve learned much from him when I first started this journey. He shows you how to make your own compact survival stove along with many other things https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=nHtA-d9hNPk

Sleeping bags: I actually picked up 3, heavy duty sleeping bags from goodwill…$3 each!!! Of course check zippers and liner.

Light: Hand crank flashlights…I ordered many of them online. Also, it’s funny, but Crisco. If you get a can of Crisco, shove a wick down the bottom, light it… it burns for up to 45 days, depending on how long you use it. Google it…It works! And it’s cheap! Of course you can search for cheap candles at many local garage sales, etc.

Heavy Heart

For a while now I have been trying to figure out what has been going on with me. However, I think now I have found the answer. I have a heavy heart and its filled with hurt, grief, sorrow and depression.


I believe it all started when my father dies in November of 2004. I didn’t grieve until the following year. And ever since, it’s been difficult with hardly anyone understanding me with the exception of my wife. Then in May of 2006 my first baby wound up being a miscarriage and that was hard enough. Then things seem to calm down over the next few years, but I started sinking into depression and having anxiety or panic attacks. So thins year I finally got on meds to help control my mood swings and emotions, but I read about the destruction of our wildlife and the senceless killings of Wolves and their pack and I cry for them when I se the sad images. It seems like no matter how many petitions I sign, or talk to others about my side of the issue, I seem to get kicked in the face. I know I should not be like this over wildlife, but I can not help it, its who I am and it hurts to see a helpless animal stare at the hunter for the last time and take a bullet just because the hunter could. When will it all stop. I see on the news cops killing trained family dogs in cold blood, I also see the senceless killing of ourselves. And for what? Money? Power? Or for the game of it? I think its all a big game and its only going o get worse before it gets better.

 I told myself that I will try to be the voice to those who have no voice and help those who need it the most and ask nothing in return.