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Michigan Wolves

From Wolfwatcher on facebook this morning,

So, how do states keep track of wolves? Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources pilot, Neil Harri, takes Lansing State Journal reporters up in the sky for a unique wolf tracking experience. You can watch it via the link at: http://www. lansingstatejournal.com/videonetwork/1497327787001/Rise-of-the-gray-wolf Wolfwatcher’s Great Lakes Director has been a strong voice for wolves in the region, and she spoke out (again) to Lansing State reporters: QUOTE: “A poorly managed hunt could have a cascade effect on the wolf population and result in more animals dying than just those taken in a harvest, said Nancy Warren, Great Lakes regional director for the National Wolfwatcher Coalition and a member of the wolf roundtable that drafted the management plan. …

For example, she said, if a hunter took a male wolf who has pups in the den, the pups could either starve to death or force the female wolf to seek the easiest sources of food —livestock. The female wolf could then be taken by a farmer with a permit. Over time, those kinds of ripple effects could once again threaten the entire wolf population, she said. “There is no scientific evidence or research to support the need for a recreational hunting season,” Warren said. “The DNR already has many tools to manage conflicts. We allow lethal control by wildlife services, when nonlethal are ineffective. Livestock producers get compensation for verified losses. Landowner permits allow landowners to kill wolves if they have suffered depredation. It’s only been nine months. Let’s give the plan time to work.” (end quote)

[RESOURCE: http://www. lansingstatejournal.com/article/20121018/MICHIGANDER/310180028/On-hunt-Michigan-wolf-population-solutions? odyssey=tab

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Want to help? You can support Nancy’s efforts and that of others who are working hard to stop proposed wolf-hunting legislation by signing and sharing this petition which tells the Michigan legislature and governor that you agree with us! Our collective voice is being heard…let’s keep on howling for Michigan’s wolves! https://www.change.org/petitions/urge-michigan-s-legislature-to-reject-hr-5834

CA Wolf Update

This just in from Wolfwatcher on Facebook
For those who cannot testify in support of a California Endangered Species Act listing for gray wolves TODAY in Sacramento, you should be able to at least watch online at the link below. Wolves are currently #16 on the a

genda, but schedules change: 
Video/Audio linkhttp://www.fgc.ca.gov/meetings/FGCmeetingsvideolinks.aspx
Video link w/ Agenda: http://www.cal-span.org/State_Webcast/CFG/stream_index.htm

If you will be in northern California on October 14th, make sure to check out a presentation hosted by California Wolf Center ,Oregon Wild, and Wolf Haven International. The panel of experts will be discussing wolves’ historic role in the Pacific Northwest and the impact they can have as wolves begin to expand their range in the area.





This comes from Wolfwatcher on Facebook

“The future of wolves in California is nearing a critical   point. Will the state accept the return of these once-native predators? The California Fish and Game Commission is hosting a  public hearing about whether to protect wolves under the state’s Endangered Species Act.  California’s Fish and Game Dept — the full-time staff biologists and other NON-political employees recommended that wolves get consideration for legal protection.  Journey (OR-7), the first confirmed wolf in California in more than 85 years who wandered across state lines from Oregon, quickly became the focus over the future of wolves in the state. State scientists believe other gray wolves may migrate into California and could start breeding populations. There are concerns that ranchers may view the wolves as a threat to livestock making protected status a high priority…. …
The decision will be made this week.  What say you, Wolfwatchers?  Should California list the wolf as an “endangered species?”
California Fish and Game Wolf Updates – http://www.dfg.ca.gov/wildlife/nongame/wolf/ California Fish and Game