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My Morning Walk

Well today I felt better and as requested by our daughter, I walked her and her brothers to school. It felt good to walk her to school and I was sure to give her a hug and kiss before she went inside. Kinda surreal to watch my daughter walk into the school cause it just means she’s growing up.

Was able to snap off with a couple of pics of the beautiful morning that I have not enjoyed in a long time.




Just a couple of trees I saw and the clear blue sky.

Tara’s First Day

Well today was our youngest daughters first day of school. Though I did not get to walk her to school and see her off due to severe back and leg pain. She woke up eager to go and was excited. So mommy walked her as did her older sister. I was told she did fine, she ate breakfast at school, and they made sure she got to her classroom.

Well she got out at 12:30 pm since she’s in AM kindergarten and when she got home she sowed me a picture she drew today.


So anyways the teacher said she wimpered, but was very good and showed excellent self control and had no problems out of her. So, lets hope that continues the rest of the school year.  🙂

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