Well Sunday January 6th 2013 was our middle boy’s, Alex, 8th Birthday. We went to a local park here in the city, one of the nicer ones….lol. Anywho, we were trying to beat the rain. We had mountains as a backdrop and you could watch the system come over the mountain. So as we were racing the clock, we sat down to pizza, birthday cake and cupcakes for lunch. We kicked a ball around for a short time and let the kids play, but very soon the rain came. It also turn colder, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. We let the kids continue to play under the pavillion roof, which was good sized as there were 8 tables underneath it. So while the kids played, our buddy got out a bag of BBQ briskettes and we decided to like a fire, not to cook, but to stay warm. So one thing led to another and with the help of the kids finding sticks and bark, we had a rocking and rolling fire going. It was going so good that not even the rain could put it out…lol. We sat on two benches just 2-3 feet away from the fire and we were all able to stay warm. We threw in the last of the sticks to burn them off and a short time later when the fire died down, all was left was a huge bed of burning red hot coals. You could still feel the heat about 4-5 over the coals. So when it was time to leave we went ahead and wet down the coals to be on the safe side.