From Wolfwatcher this morning.
Wolfwatcher Speaks Out to Urge a Denali Buffer – a NPS  wolf survey estimates only 70 wolves remain in 6+ million acres of Denali Nat’l Park- one of the lowest counts in the past 20 years.
As we previously reported, the Grant Creek pack was seriously impacted from a trapping loss this past April. The pack failed to reproduce and dispersed this year. The success of viewing wolves in Denali has declined dramatically since the buffer was removed in 2010.
Wolfwatcher believes that the national reputation of the State of Alaska was damaged last month when the Alaska Board of Game rejected a petition urging the Board to enact a wolf buffer zone on a small parcel of state land along the eastern boundary of Denali National Park.
…Wolfwatcher is speaking out to urge Alaska Board of Game and the Commissioner of Fish and Game to reconsider the Denali wolf buffer.  Not only will it help wolves, but it will help our organization fulfill its educational mission with a resulting positive economic impact for Alaska’s citizens, too!  .